4 Mar

Its now March, which means…almost Spring! I am very excited for it to start getting warmer. Spring is my fave. season and this Boston winter is lasting wayyy too long. Although, today has been warmer than the past couple weeks…
2 midterms down…2 to go! My finite math exam is on Wednesday and it is only 6 questions… could be really good or really bad. nervous.

My American Lit. midterm is next Thursday and we have not gone over it yet, so I have no idea what to study. Hopefully its not a quote where you have to name the story its from and the character who said it and what they were talking about… I think those are possibly the WORST exam questions ever.
I also have not gotten back my 2 other exams yet… hopefully soon.

only 7 more weeks till summer!! woohoo. very excited. My last exam is April 29th! In high school, I was never done until like June 20th. Although this summer will be all work and no play. I have to make moneyyyy. Hopefully ill find a restaurant job or something…anyways, went off on a little tangent there.

10 days till Spring break! ha. Just a week to relax and see old friends from high school.
On Sunday night me and a couple friends went to the Suffolk Vs. Wentworth Hockey game. I think this is the first time Suffolk has ever made it to the semi-finals or whatever. Suffolk won in overtime! very exciting. Im excited to go to the next game. I think more people need to get in athletics and go to games. It would be more fun with even more people there…

I realllly really want to start a field hockey club at Suffolk. I talked to the director of athletics, but he doesn’t know where we would have the space to play… hopefully we can work something out…

That seems to be it for now 🙂


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