Spring breakk where areee youuu??!

12 Mar

Okay so the week before spring break is officialy the worst week ever. It seriously goes on foreverrr…
I have one more midterm on thursday in my amer. lit class and I can guarentee it is going to be the hardest one yet. Not looking forward to it AT all.
I just want it to be warm and sunny and spring. Is that too much to ask?
Theres just about 6 weeks left here…not that im counting down, its already flying by… But who doesn’t lovvve summer?

I met with my advisor yesterday in the communications department, which is in the Ridgeway building. We looked over the classes I have taken and the core requirements i still have to fulfill. I need to do another humanities requirement, a social science class, a quantitative reasoning class, another comm. class… and thats for next sem. I still have to do lab sciences but hopefully ill be able to knock one of those out of the way over the summer sometime…picking classes and organzing a schedule is alooooot harder than it seems.

My friends and I went to Avenue Q the musical last night. We bought tickets at the Hub, through SGA (student govt. association) and PC (Program Council). The show was pretty close, on the other side of the commons, and it was hystericallll.
Tickets for our New York trip (through PC) went on sale yesterday…20 bucks for a trip to NY and to see Legally Blonde the Musical. That is just one of the events PC is currently planning…we also have our Spring Ball coming up. funfun.

After my exam tomorrow I can stop freaking out. I have a feeling its going to be a late night tonight, especially since ihave class until 8:10 which means studying probably wont start until around 9…
wish me luckkk!



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