Spring Time :)

25 Mar

So it seems that the spring is really here. Although there is still a chill in the air, I can see/feel the sun. Very exciting.
We are all back from Spring break and boy did it go by fast, too fast. But now we are back and there is only one month left. Seriously, one month! I cant believe itttttt. I feel like i have not been in Boston that long, and already it has almost been a whole year of school…

So today I got my last exam back. I did much better than expected on my English exam (the one with all of the identifications) and so its a big stress reliever. Although, he did pass out to us a research paper assignment 7-10 pages long, due April 24th. For now, thats in the back of my mind, obviously.

I have to start thinking about planning my trip abroad, hopefully next spring in Australia. I have to meet with an advisor and pick what school I am going to go to, but there are so many options! Plus, I have to take into consideration that our summer is their winter. I am a horrible decision maker, if you have not noticed already.

For my presentation skills class, which I take as a night class, I had to see a speaker. I had to find a speaker over vacation, write a 5 page paper on how they gave their presentation, and then write a speech on it. I saw a speaker on Occupational Therapy and Sensory Disorders. The speaker was actually really interesting, but the paper, not so much. I still have to write the speech and present it, due April 3rd…

Thats it for now


One Response to “Spring Time :)”

  1. Kristin March 25, 2008 at 4:00 pm #

    Ew a 5 page paper on a speaker? I never had to do that. I’m sorry 😦

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