April Showers…

1 Apr

So here we are, April 1st. The last month of school, the home stretch if you will.
I will be a sophomore in 28 days. Which means i will have to change my blog’s heading because I will no longer have the prospective of a freshman. I’m open for suggestions.

So there are a few things i would like to do before i head back to Rhody for the summer.
I want to go to the Museum of Fine Arts. I want to see another off broadway show. I want to go to the Performing Arts Production of “Hair” and I want to go to the murder mystery Dinner theater show. So do i have time to do all of this within the next 4 weeks? I hope so. I have quite a few long papers to start, all due around the same time, like the 23rd ish. Since i take night classes i get those exams out of the way a week earlier than the others.
Spring Ball is also coming up, which is April 24th. I need to find a dress. Just remembered.

It says online that it is currently 60 degrees in Boston, Ma, but i dont think thats quite accurate. Its pretty gross out, windy, and some rain, definately not a warm 60. 😦
I’ll be back in RI before its anywhere near time for beach weather.

So the College of Arts and Sciences Showcase went well on Sunday. There were lots of people here, around 1700 i believe.
We have the business showcase this coming saturday. The days are super busy, but its kind of fun to know that our tours and what we say may have an influence on where students plan to go to school for the next 4 years of their life.

I register for classes on the 3rd. Keeping my fingers crossed that the classes I need are not filled up by upperclassmen.
Other than that… just trying to stay focused on getting all of my work done.
Lets hope for warm weather.


One Response to “April Showers…”

  1. WhitneySU April 11, 2008 at 1:19 pm #

    i can’t wait for our ambassador group-date at the ball! should be a good time : )

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