"We’re Kind Of a Big Deal"

15 Apr

So today is the Temple Street Fair, organized by Program Council and SGA and other student activities. Our theme for program council is from Anchorman, “We’re kind of a big deal..”
We had shirts made with the saying. They are pretty awesome
Basically the event consists of fair like activities and games, where students can get cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, take pictures in photo booths, get henna tattoos, etc…
Its a fun event, especially on such a nice day as today, where the sun is out. I hear tomorrows supposed to be even warmer though, so i’m very excited to just go for a run, or lay out in the commons.
I only have about 5 hours left to work in the Admissions office, and I am all done with tours for the year. Its so weird to think that my freshman year is basically over. I waited forever to be in college, and im already 1/4 done with it. Its kind of scary. Many of our ambassadors are seniors and they are getting real jobs and talking about what is next for them. I can only imagine that it will seem like tomorrow, being done with college. Its just like how fast high school went, looking back. Except now, we are in school even less, which makes it go by even faster. Its scary! Kind of a wake up call; dont keep wishing for the next best thing, just enjoy life one day at a time. Such a cliche, i know, but its so true.
I have 8 days of class left and so much work to do. I have a 10 page paper due for American lit, 4 mini papers for film on different movies, a persuasive speech, and 5 exams coming up.
I also am supper stressed about my study abroad application. I found out the program I want to get into, which is a certain school in Australia, only accepts 6 people, and if i want to have a chance to get a spot, i have to have my application stuff in before I leave for summer, which is April 30th. Yikes.
Basically, i have lots to do, and only about a week to do it.
Oh! almost forgot…Today in my American Lit. class, Maxine Hong Kingston, author of famous Chinese-American short stories and essays, came to speak to our class. I have never actually had the chance to hear an author speak about his or her own work, and after reading her stories, it was such an inspiring class. I got to hear about what she was thinking as she wrote her stories, and learned about her Chinese-American culture and about her inspirations…Shes doing events at Suffolk all week…
I also saw Suffolk’s production of HAIR on Saturday night. It was definitely interesting. The cast was very strong, in both singing and acting. The actual story line, well i did not really know what was going on besides being a hippie in the late 60s, early 70s…it was show unlike any other, for a lack of descriptive words…
Hopefully I will have another chance to Blog before I head back to Rhode Island for the summer!
Until then…
Haley 🙂


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