So long sweet summer…

23 Sep

Sunday was gorgeous out, and yesterday it was so coldd, and also marked the first day of autumn. 😦 I love the warm weather,so I am pretty bummed that is getting chilly outside. I hate sweaters and wearing long sleeves; I’d much rather be at the beach in a bathing suit, soaking up some sun…

I had a great last day of summer though. I went with a friend to a beach not too far outside of Boston called Nantasket Beach… and I learned to surf! I wish i had learned wayyy earlier, and not the last day of summer, but I’ll take what I cant get. And so basically…this was basically me…
Not really, but I wish. I did actually get up on the board by the 5th try, not too badddd for a first time-er.

Jason Mraz tickets are now sold outt!! Sorry for all of you hoping to meet someone from Suffolk and beg them to buy you a ticket. I am so pumpedddd. I got his new cd onto my Ipod, and I’m not gonna lie, its pretty sweet. One of my favorites its “If it kills me.” The cd has a pretty mellow sound, which I am totally into. If you like this cd, also check out Michael Buble, and Matt Wertz, different sounds, but some of my faves.
<— His new album cover. Also, this is a link to youtube, to see/ hear Michael Buble's song "Everything," another great song. Seriously, check it outtt.
So i seem to be on a music craze today…

I’m in the office until 3 today, then I have class at 4, The art of Rhetoric, Protest, and reform. I really hope this class gets better, because right now all we have been talking about is slavery, which is okay for now, but not for a whole semester. I have to do an project on some kind of reform group, or a group that had an affect on the times, and I chose to do it on the KKK. Should be interesting. I think soon we will be moving onto the Women’s rights movement. ..
anyways, That seems to be it for now 🙂
im off to youtube some more Jason Mraz.
Let me know if you have any more music suggestions for me!
oh! p.s…check out fellow Ambassador Nicole’s article that she wrote for the Suffolk Voice about the Temple Street fair last week!.


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