Just another Manic Monday…

6 Oct

Annnnnddd, its cold. Not happy. Luckily, I only have 3 months to deal with it getting colder before I will be in Australia, soaking up the summer sun. Can’t wait…

Although getting there seems to be the hard part. Trying to book flights to where I have to be may be one of the most stressful things I have ever had to do. It is so difficult. I have to fly to Sydney for the 8th of January, and get there before 12pm. Then I have orientation until the 11th and I have to fly to the Gold Coast, where my school is. I have to book a round trip flight, even though I have no idea when I will be heading back here. I just keep looking at pictures like this, its keeping me determined to get everything done. Although if the price of the flight doesn’t scare me away, I dont know what will. All the flights together are costing somewhere around 3000, which will be the most money I have ever shelled out at once, which is the reason for the lack of spare time, and the waitressing job I have newly acquired.

The bad part about the job is that my weekends are not much fun anymore, if im lucky, I will have one night off to relax and go out with my friends. This week I had friday off.

It was my friend’s birthday celebration who lives on my floor. We went to a kareoke place on Tremont called “Limelight” where anyone under 21 can go untill 11:00, and it then turns to 21 plus. It was a lot of fun, if you have the courage to make a fool of yourself on stage in front of other people. I did. 🙂 It was a good time. This is a pic of my clustermate and I singing a Kelly Clarkson song, probably hurrendously, but still.
I have a project due tomorrow in my rhetoric and reform class, and I am doing it on the Ku Klux Klan. Its so interesting, but so scary to know some groups still exist. I also feel very strange researching it on my computer, and seeing the crazy websites that come up when trying to get information from Google. I should have started this presenation a while ago, butttt on the days off I had this weekend, I wanted to do nothing but relax.
I am all over the place right now and im sorry about that. Its kind of how my brains been running lately, one thought to the next and back again.
Midterms next week. Fun stuff.
Jason Mraz on Thursday. Cant waittttt. I’m volunteering in the morning at the Roxy, getting stuff all set up and whatnot.
I have a class visit on Friday, which means someone interested in Suffolk will shadow me in my Journalism class Friday at 11-11:50. I have never done a class visit, but I wish I had done them when I was looking at schools.
Like I said, full of random tidbits today.
Ill update on the concert next week, and anything else that may be interesting.

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