Thank you Chris Columbus.

14 Oct

So Thursday was Jason Mraz! It was an extremely crazy day for me. I got to The Roxy at 12, to help up set up and stage crew a bit. I got to watch Jason Mraz give an interview to someone about his interests in photography… He seems like a pretty down to Earth guy. He took a group photo with everyone from Program Council, before the show. This picture is me and Rachel (another ambassador), and two friends before the concert. Those hot pink T-shirts, are our STAFFshirts for PC

At 4, I had to go to class because we were watching a movie that was supposedly going to help us answer a question on our take home mid-term. Half the class didn’t show up, and when our teacher wasn’t even there, mostly everyone but 6 people left.

At the end of class, a stand in prof. came in to take attendance. I was glad I stayed for the movie, even though I was so close to leaving.

After class, I went back to The Roxy, before the crowds showed up to get in. We cleaned up and prepared for the concert. Because we helped out, we got to see the show for free, and in great seats. We were in the balcony and could see everything perfectly. After the show a bunch of us helped load up his truck, and break everything down off stage. It took foreverrrr. I finally got home around 1.

Hung around Saturday, and worked Saturday night until about 230. I went home Sunday morning! It was so good to be back in RI, even though it was for such a short period of time.

The trees were gorgeous, vibrant, and colorful. I went apple and pumpkin picking, baked apple crisp, and enojyed an amazing homecooked meal of chicken parm. (*my faveeeee) and now I have tons of leftovers for my dorm šŸ™‚

I went down to URI that night to visit friends from home and went down to the beach at night. It made me miss RI so much, although at night it was freeezing.

I went to the Situate art festival on Monday, then out to lunch. It was a great day. šŸ™‚ Living away truly makes you appreciate everything, I cannot imagine living at home and not getting the experiences that I am getting now.


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