Its a season for sickness…

27 Oct

So im sick… along with like everyone on my floor. Its gross. I want to get a flu shot, but apparently you can’t get one when your already feeling under the weather. Probably something to do with your immune system and figthing off the dead flu virus so you dont catch it.

I’ve had 3 midterms so far. 1 to go. My media midterm is wednesday and its basically a discussion group with my professor on topics we’ve gone over in class. Im not that worried about it.

I went on my first Duck Tour last weekend to help with family weekend. Very informative. There was also a pumpkin festival last weekend, where government center was covered with pumpkins to benefit camp sunshine, a national retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families

My roomate and I saw Saw V on Friday, at the Lowells thater, and I have to admit I have seen all of them. And of course there wil be another one. I have not been to the movies in so long, and I cannot even remember the last movie I saw before SAW…that could be because the price to see a movie has gone up to like 10.50. I cant even believe it.

My costumes have been narrowed down to Little miss muffet, or Dorothy. They are both borrowed of course. Who can really afford to spend 70 bucks on a costume they will wear once? I mean it benefits me because I end up borrowing them for free 😉 I looked at the Garment district in Cambrdige for costumes, which was an interesting experience. Its just floors of crazy costumes and gear from like every decade…Its like a consignment shop, so everythings reasonably priced, but of course being the picky person that I am, I still found nothing i was satisfied with.

My sister is coming up from Maryland to visit for Halloween, and I’m so excited! I havn’t seen her since the summer…

A bunch of us are going to Spooky World on Wednesday, through program council, for 10 bucks. The park is open for rides, but they turn the park into a haunted park. There are haunted hayrides and spooky houses, should be a fun timee…. I have to miss my computer programming class to go, toooo baddd.
Just kidding. I hate that class. Im not a computer person. I can use them for the internet and simple things, but when it comesto writing computer codes and making my own websites, I get lost. I took the class instead of taking Statistics. Good idea? im not so sure…

Thats it for now…I need to take some DayQuill so I can possibly make it through my computer prog. class tonight from 4-6. Yikes.


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