Time flies…

5 Nov

Only about a month left for me. Really. This is insane.
Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Halloween weekend was a good time. I always love seeing the crazy costumes people come up with.

I went home for the second time on sunday because my sister was home from MD.
Its a huge difference from last year, where I went home every couple of weeks…It just shows you how much you adapt to a new lifestyle, and how quickly. I have to prepare now because when I am in Australia for about 5 montts, I’ll never be able to go home, it will be difficult enough to get in touch with them when I am 12 hours ahead.

My midterm grades all came back. Journalism was definately the toughest. It was basically just writing in article under pressure, in class… But he grades pretty hard. I have no idea where his grades come from, but I got a B on my article.
Intro to media was discussion based, I got a rubric back basically giving me an A, and I got an A on my art of rhetoric and reform paper.
Computer Programming was a little tough, but I managed to pull off an 89 (only because it was open book and we could use the internet)

We are swinging quickly into finals… and final projects. I have a feeling i’ll be getting swamped any time soon.

Next Saturday is Open House! (Nov. 15th) Hope to see you all there…
check the website for some more info.

Also, our Moo cards came in!
We now can hand out little business cards with our blog info and e-mail address on tours or to anyone interested… pretty exciting stuffff 🙂

thats is for now, time for computer programming…


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