Time, Turkey and Tests…

24 Nov

Approx. 2 days until Thanksgiving, where I’ll get to see my sister from MD, and my brother from Chicago.

Approx. 8 days of class left (and also living in the 10 somerset street dorm…I will for sure miss that gorgeous view.)

Approx. 43 days until Australia.

My excitement is starting to build… 🙂
I’m thinking my life is flying by a little too fast, and my countdowns probably are not helping. I’m starting to get nervous about going away for such a long period of time, knowing that if (when) I get homesick, I can’t just jump on a plane and fly home…

My finals are scheduled from the 8th to the 10th of December, and one is discussion based, and one is a paper, which by the way she has yet to give us the assignment…one is a computer programming final on the computer, and my journalism final is writing a times article on a news press release. No real tests, which I am not really complaining about.

People are starting to freak out. I probably should be doing the same, but I am thinking past finals to break and spending the time with my family and friends before I am off for a few months in the summer heat of Australia.


One Response to “Time, Turkey and Tests…”

  1. College Admission November 24, 2008 at 10:27 pm #

    Thanks Haley…Enjoy Thanksgiving and Australia…I hope you will keep blogging! We are working as quickly as we can to help get the blogs more visability. You each have a great story to tell. Thanks for all of your help this past semester. Enjoy life down under! It will go by fast. Have a great thanksgiving

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