no stress, no stress ,no stress…

1 Dec
i wish.

Just as I thought I was in the clear with stress and work getting piled on me, I was smothered the moment I got back from such a great thanksgiving break.

here it comes, the big build up, the week we all dread, the week before finals…

today is a crazy day; media 9-10, journalism 11-12, admissions 12-330, computer programming 4-6, work at the restaurant 6-wheneverrrr…

longgg day…

luckily today was my last media class and my last journalism class before finals.

I have about 14 hours left to fulfill between this week and next at admissions

I have a midterm in computers tonight, then we are reviewing for the final project and the final…

I have a paper due in Rhetoric next week sometime, which she has yet to assign to us, and questions to prepare for the media final next tuesday.

Journalism is going to be writing 2 stories based on press releases and police reports…

Tomorrow night I may go ice skating in the frog pong in the commons, along with PC’s relaxation day including free massages and food and crafts…

Wednesday is the ambassador dinner in the North End

Working thursday night

and luckily there is no class on Friday, so most likely I will be in the library for most of the day…

then at night is Winter Ball ! πŸ™‚

So as you can see I have a very busy, planned out week, which will hopefully go by super fast, making finals zoom by, which will jump start my vaca before Australia!

Thanksgiving break was so much fun. It was so relaxing to just be around family and old friends.

This is my brother and my sister and me on thanksgiving night πŸ™‚

My friends and I went ice skating skating on wed, I got to see all the fam on thursday and on saturday my boyfriend lead my family on an adventure to Caribiner’s rock climbing in New Bedford, which was so much fun. I got certified to belay others, in hopes to go back over winter break. Here are some pics from there…

10 days and Im freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

wish me luck!

until next week,


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