Sky Diving, Surfing, Swimming, Swinging…

22 Feb

Just another day…
I just had the most amazing day of my life. I went to Byron Bay, about an hours drive from Bond Uni. I didn’t go to sleep on Friday night because the bus picked us up at around 3am. We got picked up and brought to Byron Skydive, where we anxiously, nervously, and excitedly waited to do the craziest thing imaginable; Jump out of a plane 14,000 feet above Australia, falling 200 feet per second in the free fall before a parachute opens. Was I scared? Not at all…at least not until I had to sign my life away just “in case” as they said. We watched the first group get prepped and hop into the small plane, where they would be pushed out in the case they decided to change their minds at the last second.

We watched them go up and about 20 minutes later, we watched them go down. The landings looked so smooth, easing my nerves a bit. But then, it was our turn. Oh man I cannot tell you, I was feeling about 300 different emotions and reasons to forget about the 388 dollars I spent and not jump. But no one was going to let me off that easy.

We got into our jumpsuits and in about 5 minutes learned how to fall, and that’s basically all they taught us.
We were paired up with our jump masters (mine who told me he has jumped over 5,000 times, which made me feel a little bit better. I hopped in the plane first and was seated in the back
(which means i was jumping last) Our plane took off and all was fine, until we were over the ocean seeing for the first time what 14000 feet really looks like. Soon is was all clouds and time to jump. I watched as 5 people got pushed over the side of the plane, and the faces they made just as they saw down below them, nothing but sky, and of course the screams I heard as they jumped. I had to watch them all. Then it was my turn. I thought, “is it too late to say no?” But before I could even finish my thought I was free falling, without a chute. Nothing but sky surrounded me. I have never felt anything like it in my life. In what seemed like forever, the parachute opened and it was a smooth ride from there. my instructor pointed out things we saw on the way down, as we did twists and turns and were getting closer to the ground. He had me practice landing while still in the sky, and soon we were landing smoothly on grass, which was nothing. I surprisingly felt so safe the whole way down and even landing. Words cannot describe how amazing the jump was. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I think everyone should do it at least once in their lives. I was unbelievable. Seriously. Do it.
After jumping I had a rush like no other, I felt like I could go run a marathon, until about 45 minutes later when I sat down, and passed out from the adrenaline fading and my lack of sleep catching up. As you can obviously tell…
We waited for the other groups and watched videos of the jumps.

We then headed to the beach, where we had surf lessons, and I have to admit, I am getting a little better. I actually got up on my board about 4 or 5 times (2 being by myself without the instructor pushing my board and telling me when to stand) I’m telling you, its wayyyy harder than it looks, harder than skydiving, and scarier because the fins on the board could whack you in the head after you get flung off of it. ( Which I did many, many times, along with nosediving)

We then hung out at a fresh water lake for a bit and found these young Aussie kids climbing this tree and swinging off a rope. The tree looked pretty high, but the guys in my group were trying it, and I’m never the type to let a guy think he can do something I can’t, so I started climbing this tree, feeling invincible after jumping out of a plane. The rope seemed way higher than it looked, as I climbed the shaky boards and nails sticking out of it, real safe. Anyways I was shaking, but managed to get the the top and jump into the water, which also wasn’t as deep as it seemed. (I know, such a bad move…) Just another thing to add to my crazy list of the day.
Following the intense rope jumping session we headed to dinner at a place called “Cheeky Monkeys” down in the city of Byron Bay, which had a very cool hippie, peace, love kind of feel. We ended the night at a club called “La La Land” where the bus brought us back to Bond by about 2am this morning. Talk about exhaustedddddd. 🙂

Next up is Scuba Diving at Whitsundays, where Ill be Sailing on a boat for 3 nights and checking out the Great Barrier Reef. I love Australia.


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