What’s the past tense of scuba dive?

9 Mar
Scuba dove? Dived? Anyways, I went Scuba Diving on the Great barrier reef this past weekend. We were on a boat for 4 nights, sans showers, soaking up the sun, swimming, snorkeling, and diving. It was such an amazing experience. Being able to breathe underwater is definitely unreal. The islands we went to were called the Whitsunday Islands. The water was turquoise, and you could see straight down to the bottom. The sand was white and so fine that it squeaked when you walked on it. Snorkeling on the reef was so cool. The reef was only about a foot away from my face, allowing me to take really cool close up pictures. I saw all types of coral and fish I have never seen before, along with sharks!! They weren’t huge, but still sharks none the less. These are pictures of the islands we were on, and the sunrise we saw on the boat early in the morning…
The last night on the boat was brutal, we were under a cyclone warning and we had to get back to shore. Everyone on the boat except for about 4 people got extremely sea sick because of how rough the seas were. We got back to the beach and stayed at a hostel for the night. We then met up with everyone from the boat at night and our diving instructor. Only 5 of the 23 people on the boat were from the States, so it was fun getting to know people from all over the world including Sweden, Norway, Holland, Japan, Germany, and England. Most of them were just traveling the world, by themselves from 3 weeks to a year. I feel like people outside of the States travel way more than people form the US. I am going to make it a goal to travel more. It gets pricey, but it is totally worth it. There are so many cool places to see. If I can’t do it soon (because of having no money when i get back from OZ) I will do it after school is over, or until I have saved up enough.

In my pop culture class today we watched an Australian TV show called “summer heights high” If your interested, check it out because it is absolutely hilarious!! We were all dying in class. Its kind of like the office. It is one guy who plays a few different characters. Just a side note I was thinking about.
In other news, my boyfriend touches down here at 7 am Thursday morning! I am meeting him at the airport and I get to show him all around the Gold Coast. So excited. 🙂
Time for class 🙂
I’ll post my underwater pictures as soon as I get them developed!!


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