Back To Reality…

29 Apr

After traveling for 3 days with no sleep, with a 13 hour layover in San Fran, I landed back in Boston Monday morning at 7 am. Saying goodbye to Australia was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. It is hard to leave paradise, especially after being the best 4 months of my life. I met some amazing people and had some great experiences. I cannot believe how fast it all went by. I never had culture shock while abroad, but now that I am back, I am sure I will have reverse culture shock. I have only been home 2 days and I have already been comparing everything to Australia…I already know I am definately going back there, just a matter of when. Maybe for grad school? Maybe just to travel…

So now I am on summer break… off till September 🙂 Now time to get back to real life. Working all summer to try to make back all the money I’ve spent while abroad and hopefully save up enough to go back soon…

I’ll be working in Admissions all summer, so I’ll be blogging


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