so many prospects…

4 Jun

So i think that as a whole, we have all entered about 1000 prospective students into the computer system, within the past week. basically, all of the cards filled out at college fairs and whenever someone asks for info about Suffolk, we are the ones to put your info into our system. These are usually followed by mailings, packets, and letters. Just in case you were wondering, thats all us 🙂
other than that we have been giving 2 tours a day. This week started orientation for new freshman. I remember it like it was yesterday…being so excited to meet new people and see my new school. And now its 2 years later…crazyyyyyyy
I am currently living by myself at a friends apartment a few T stops away from Suffolk, near newbury street…he moved home for the summer, so now i get to live there. I get to stay in Boston, and live in an apartment rent free! its a win win for me! However, living alone does get pretty lonely. I have never even had my own room, so living alone, eating alone etc… is pretty different.
Luckily I have some great friends who live here in the city also. Just so happens a couple of them are also ambassadors 🙂
Chris, Rach and I have had family dinners like once a week.
I made an awesome chicken parm for Chris and I last night…and the week before i made stir fry! How quickly you learn to cook when you have to live alone and cook for yourself. Man do i miss my moms dinners now… (that i complained about for so long)
Looking for a second job…got hired at Joe’s American Bar and Grille on the water…right near where my new apt. is going to be in the North End in Sep…and i also had an interview at a bar near TD bank North Garden…waiting to hear from them. Hey maybe I’d even meet some celts/bruins players there?!
Thats about all thats been going on around here so far this summer…
Still missing Australia every day, and my hope of going back there soon seems to get farther and away…Just trying to keep in touch with people there is hard enough with the time difference :/
eventually, i will get back there… for now, still getting back in the swing of things in the Bean… and trying to enjoy summer a little bit 🙂


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