Pandora,Prospects, and Plans…

15 Jul

So remember how I said it was supposed to rain for the next three days? lets try the next month. I can’t believe it rained for basically the whole month of june.
Well finally, July 15th and sunny 🙂 Just what I have been waiting for. I am back in the swing of things completely…working at admissions during the day and Joe’s at night…
Trying to save up money although first semesters tuition bill is due pretty soon so all that money I have been saving will be gone. :/
NESAD ( new england school of art and design) info session today…
Currently sitting in the admissions office playing with Pandora, a newly found website playing like artists all day(today its Jason Mraz) while I enter prospects into datatel
basically this is my day-everyday.
My roomate from Australia, Alisha, is coming into boston this weekend from Jersey. So excited!! Have not seen her since she left on Apri 25th. We are having a mini reunion with friends in the area that were abroad together. My other friend I met there from Vermont is coming to visit next weekend too.

Other than that, not too much going onnnn
kind of excited for the fall to start, to move into my new apt. in the North End, to work less hours, for all my friends to be back in the bean…
and to start taking PR classes 🙂

Going back to Prospects now…


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