So long Summer. (aka the month where it did NOT rain every day…)

11 Aug

August 11th…where has the summer gone? Almost time to start classes. Definitely looking forward to seeing some other ambassadors back in the office. Its been pretty quiet around here all summer, and lots and lots of tours.
I am nervous for the upcoming semester, probably going to be my toughest one yet with classes, bills, rent… and 2 jobs to pay for it all…but I’m so excited to be living in my own apartment. Right now is stressful though. I am trying to figure out how I am going to move all my stuff from RI into the North End, on the same day that everyone else is moving in as well. And I still have not signed my lease. Probably should get on that…I am also ready to stop waitressing every night, its getting pretty old, fast. But I am also not ready for studying and tests and projects either. Does it have to be one or the other????
I still feel like I JUST got back from Australia, yet they are already through their winter semester there. Time is flying…
My summer has been pretty low key, just trying to save some money for the fall. I went to Vermont a couple weeks ago to meet up with a friend I met in Australia. We went canoeing down a river… and even though we flipped it was still pretty fun 🙂 The ride up was pretty long though.(Boston traffic-not so fun…)
I went to see Xavier Rudd at the House of Blues on Sunday. Hes an Australian singer/ musician and he plays the didgeridoo, which is a unique Australian aboriginal instrument. He has a pretty mellow sound. Here is a little more about him from his website

Xavier Rudd – Dark Shades of Blue

Maybe more than any of his previous albums, Xavier Rudd’s Dark Shades of Blue is a balance of darkness and light. That’s what the Australian singer-songwriter/one-man band/didgeridoo virtuoso hears in the disc.
Plenty of each went into making the disc. Dark Shades of Blue is the first Rudd album in several years to be recorded in Australia. As a result, it bears the joy and peace of mind that comes with an often-touring artist that gets a chance to catch his breath.

Also just bought Kings of Leon tickets! super excited for that… I heard their 2 most popular songs when I was abroad and they were played in the local clubs/bars all the time so hearing them here brings back some fun memories. They are playing at the Comcast Center on Sep. 11th.

Program Council and SGA have announced the fall concert…Sean Kingston and Girl Talk. Its at the house of blues. I have never heard Girl Talk but people really the DJ. It should be one giant dance party 🙂
I also found out Sox tickets go on Sale at school on the 14th… I am sure there will be a line out the door for those within the first 5 mins they go on sale…

Going back to RI for the weekend. My Swedish exchange student from high school is coming back to visit for a few days . I have only been home once all summer. And have barely even spoken to any of my friends from high school in a really long time. It is crazy and so hard to stay in touch with everyone as time goes on. There are just so many people I want to talk to and see, but not enough time in the day.Especially since I live and work in the city all summer…
I am ready for school and to reconnect with everyone again after being gone all semester.
…Although I wouldn’t mind going back to Australia again or start planning for the Spain trip 😉

That’s all for now, time for job 2 of the day…


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