Officially a Junior.

15 Sep

September. School is now in full swing and I am finally all settled into my apartment. Its bitter sweet I must admit. On one hand I get to see everyone that I have not seen since before I went abroad. There are less hours of work, but more hours of homework. Having my own apartment has already been so much fun, but I never realized how much extra money you spend versus the dorms, where pretty much everything is paid for up front. You need to by food, and of course you need to decorate, which adds up very quickly. Little things keep coming up that we NEED to buy, like a carpet, coffee table, pots, pans, etc…I feel like I am constantly
cleaning. With no dish washer, I do dishes at least 4 times a day, and we have already gone through a whole bottle of dish soap. There are definately perks,though. There is no signing people in, or RAs checking up on you, or quiet hours (unless there are a lot of people and your neighbors don’t love the noise) We have an oven and stove and toaster…so I can cook whatever I want, whenever I want and I can have other people over. I’ve been quite proud of my cooking skills so far. The Chicken Parm, pasta, and salad, has been my favortie so far. Sometimes its tough to go home after a long day then decide what you want to cook for dinner…but those days its just pasta or mac and cheese (I’m still just a college student after all ) πŸ˜‰
(the pic above is a few of us Ambassadors at my new apt! Allison, Me, Chris, Rach. Below is a few of our friends in the apartment, too.)

My classes are already starting to stress me out, but that might just be because I REALLLLYY don’t want to spend 400 dollars that I don’t have on books that I may or may not ever really need or use. This semester I went with a new approach. I rented books. Most of them from Supposedly I have saved over 100$ by renting my books instead of buying them. Return shipping is free and you have 30 days to send them back if for some reason you don’t use them. The only problem with that is I am waiting to get all my books in the mail and I am getting assignments where I need to use the books for class. Luckily our library keeps copies of all of our textbooks we need for class. Looks like I’ll be doing all of my work in the library for this week.

It has definately been a rough couple days for me. My laptop decided to crash just as I was trying to install wireless internet into my apartment. My tv (that we needed 4 guys to carry up our steps because it was ginormous) decided not to turn on and is now 300 pounds of junk sitting in my living room taking up space. Another TV I brought in after that also is not working. I now have 3 tvs sitting in my living room…and a remote where only 2 of the buttons work. I’m still not sure what to do with my laptop, since neither Suffolk IT ( information tech.) or Best Buy knows what is wrong with it, and HP wanted to charge me 50 dollars just to talk to me since my warentee was up. I have a feeling it might be cheaper just to buy a new laptop rather than getting it fixed 😦

I finally quit Joes Bar and Grille and got another job on campus at The Annual Fund, calling alumni that starts on the 20th. We had ambassador training on Saturday and we met all of the new ambassadors ( some were just new to me from last semester.) Seems like its going to be a fun group this year πŸ™‚ I singed up to do a lot of students with students info sessions, so if anyone is interested, check the dates online to come!

Heading to my Science class now, then hitting up the study abroad fair in one of our cafs to talk to prospective students…then Public Relations later on. Busy day!
Definately much more to come,


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