Just a thought…

13 Oct

You ever just stop and think “how did I get here” or ” What decisions in my life have lead me to where I am now?” I think its called the Butterfly Effect… when one tiny decision can change the rest of your life. Well maybe its not exactly what butterfly effect is, but its close enough.
For example, (And this is a big decision, not something small i guess) I almost went into school for communicative disorders or occupational therapy. So different from PR, that’s for sure…which means I would not have come to Suffolk, maybe not have lived in Boston, had my own apartment, met all of my friends, maybe not have gone abroad…but I would have had completely different experiences. A random thought, but I was just thinking about it this weekend. I feel like I am getting older so fast and 2 decades later, I think I am at a good point in life to analyze my life so far. A bit cheesy maybe, but maybe there are some things I wish I had done differently, different friends I wish I had stayed in contact with, decisions or fights I could have undone. Not that I regret things in my life, because there is no point in regretting something you can’t fix. Just something to think about for the next 2 decades of my life. I think a person can change completely in a couple years, especially during high school- college. I figure that people don’t really know who they are or what they want in life until college and perhaps everyone goes through their own stage of “Identity Crisis.” Not that I think I want to change my life or anything, but maybe just ad some more meaning to it. I am still interested in PR, just not sure what this major will lead to. Its not a definite job out of school, and I think that is starting to worry me a little bit. There is no definite standard salary pay, like if you were going to be a physical therapist or doctor, but I guess its just a risk I have to take. Besides, if I end up going to grad school, I may re-evaluate my choices again and decide if I want to change any of my paths at all.
Different than my usual blog post, maybe its the rainy weather, gloomy days can sometime bring deep thought I suppose 🙂
Tour time.


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