Just a recap.

22 Oct

Thursday was the first night in a long time all of my girlfriends got together and went out at night. We met up after I got out of work and went into faneuil hall. There were a group of 10 of us that all lived on the same floor 1st semester of sophomore year, before we all went abroad our seperate ways. Most of us now live in apartments, in the North End, West End, Beacon Hill, Comm ave… one commutes from home, and one is an Resident Assistant. We are all still close, although we do not see eachother every single day like we used to, we still have those nights where we can all go out togehter and it is just like old times…

Friday night I went home and visited some old friends from URI. I went to my friends sorority social, which was sponsered by Red Bull. Its crazy how different our schools are. There about 100 other girls there, and she knew every single one. She was trying to explain the whole big/litte/ rush and pledging thing to me, but it went right over my head. Being in a sorority is such a big commitment, I don’t think I could ever find the time to do it between my 2 jobs, admissions, and the annual fund but it does sound like a lot of fun. We have a couple of sororities here, but they are more about community service and I just read in the Suffolk Journal that a new frat is starting here next year, which will be a chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
I am now also searching for internships. I have been using Craigs List and the website called erecruiting I got from career services. No luck so far, but ill keep ya posted.
Saturday morning I jumped on the Train from providence and got to admissions by 10 for the students with students info session, which is always my favorite event. We get to talk to an audience (which of course I love as a PR major) about specific topics and answer any questions they may have. We then split up and take groups on tours.

After that my old roomate from Australia came up to visit. A few of my friends from Wheelock who I met there came to visit too. I also died my hair, as you can see. Another life lesson, don’t dye your hair from a box. Especially when the box says darkest brown. It will often come out black.
Yesterday was advising… usually you are given an advisor freshman year depending on your major and you have them for 4 years. Most students are required to take a freshman seminar, I took SLAMEDDD which was sex, love,addiction,marriage…etc. Sometimes that professor is your advisor. In the communications building, you can usually see any of the advisors, but I usually choose to see the same one every time. I like to get to know them and check in whenever I have to. I also used the same advisor to email and help me when I was abroad and to register for classes. I have now been to advising about 5 times, so i know the routine pretty well. This time, my advisor started off our convo by saying “Wow your getting up there, almost done huh?” Ahhhh scary. I only have 5 required classes left and the rest electives. There is a good chance I could end up in Madrid in the fall, if all goes according to plan, and I can also only take 3 classes next semester and have an internship for class credit. Life and classes at Suffolk really change once you hit Jr year. There is so much more freedom and so many more interesting classes you can take for fun, not because you have to, once you get done with all of those gen-ed classes.

Today is my PR midterm. Wish me luck! Have to run to class.

More later


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