2 Nov

November 2nd already. I cannot even believe it. only 3 weeks until my favorite holiday :), any excuse to eat massive amounts of food equals a great holiday in my book.

Halloween was this past weekend. I did not have a costume until the last minute and then I wore my roomate Rachel’s pirate costume that I also wore my freshman year. Its fun to see what crazy things people come up with, but I hate the hassel of trying to find a good cotsume, and spending money for it. Never in my life have I bought a costume. We were always original growing up in my family, creating our own months in advance before we would go out trick or treating.

I had both my interviews and they both went really well. I went to one in government center (right near Suffolk) for a public relations firm and and I was offered the posisiton, but he told me that it was unpaid. I still would have done it but I went on another interview on Friday for a paid internship and was offered an internship for the spring. I wish I could do both but with admissions in the day and this new internship in the day, I do not think I will have any time for another internship, especially one that is unpaid. I am realllly excited about it. I’ll explain the job more when I find out more later on in the semester. I now have to think about taking night classes for the spring, since I have to work in the day for both the internship and admissions. Its going to be a real busy spring,thats for sure. Trying to figure out which classes to take now and which to take later can be really stressful. I only have 5 required classes left, and I want to use this internship as my elective. Also, only some classes are offered certain semesters… so for certain requirements, like a cultural diversity, the ones I am interested in taking are only offered either spring or fall, so thats something else to take into consideration. As a junior, I register on the 10th, at 8 am online. Trying to plan all of this stuff out…

On another note, I got my ad analysis back for advertising class. I analyzed the Svedka advertistements. Here is one of them I discussed…

My teacher loved my paper and my analysis of the campaign as a whole. This advertisment class is kind of making me want to do more with advertising when I graduate.
Something to think about.

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