Only three semesters left…

10 Nov

Just registered for my Spring 2010 classes. Only 3 semesters left at Suffolk! Ahhhh. Scary. I got the last spot in a couple of my classes, so I was pretty lucky to have a registration time at 8 am

Friday a bunch of us ambassador girls (and Andrew) got together and speaking of admissions, tomorrow there are info sessions all day and Saturday is open house! Register now if your interested in tours, info sessions, and every bit of Suffolk you would ever want to know!

This past weekend I went home. I was needing a break from the busy city, and I probably won’t see my family again til’ Thanksgiving, so I figured I would go home for the day, which turned into the weekend like it always seems to do. It is so hard to resist all that home cooked food. And plus is was gorgeous out and my sister convinced me to run outside in the park/ zoo near my house. (which turned into 7 miles!) On Saturday my mom, dad, sister, and I went on a 6 mile hike in the Blue Hills in Dedham, MA. It was way harder than I thought it would be, but the views were worth it. Tour time for me!


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