The Calm Before the Storm…

1 Dec

So here we are. 3 weeks of the semester left, back from Thanksgiving break. I had a relaxing last couple of weeks; going out at night, meeting up with other ambassadors, and visiting old friends at URI, but I should have known it was not going to last. I’ll pretty much be living in a cave for the next few weeks, studying for finals, preparing my final projects, and finishing up my hours in the admissions office. As much work and studying as I have left to do, I still have to admit I am glad I am not in your shoes anymore; waiting to hear back from schools and finishing up applications…

Pretty soon you all will start to get your decision letters back from us and pretty soon you all will start to make some big choices. If you get acceptance letter from Suffolk, that question will be “Is Suffolk right for me?” Which is a pretty loaded question, to be honest. Like I have been saying all along, it takes a certain type of person to come to Suffolk. Now that’s not saying that we have a “typical” student at Suffolk, but I would definitely say students here have a certain mindset. I have said this on all my tours and I continue to believe that our school is different than your typical university, especially comparing us to other Boston schools. The rumors are true, we do not have a college “campus” with grassy football stadiums and parking lots to tailgate in, but if you were anything like I was, you are not looking to go to school in Boston for the football stadiums. However, we do have some parking lots (okay more like parking meters…) but still, I wouldn’t suggest bringing a car. Now with that being said, if you really need that grassy feeling, the students hanging out on the quad, playing frisbee, and just relaxing outside, we do have the Boston Commons/ Gardens for you. It is kind of like a quad, except it is shared with the rest of the downtown Boston Area.
So no campus. How do students feel at ” home”? How do students get involved without a “campus”? Do students still feel like they belong to the university? This is where it takes a certain mindset to come to Suffolk. You have to come in here knowing your going to try harder than the typical college freshman. You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and meet people. You have to get involved. We have so many clubs,teams,sports, and events that it is impossible to ignore them. Getting involved is the best way to meet new people and to really immerse yourself in the school. Our campus may not be the standard campus feel like other schools, but we do have our own type of campus. We have buildings close to each other, where you will pass hundreds of our other 5,000 or so undergraduate students, but you will also pass hundreds of other professionals while passing through the State House court yard, like doctors, lawyers, and representatives. Hey,you might just get an internship from one of those people within your four years here. So all I am saying is to really think about where you are going to choose to go to school. Don’t just choose a school for the name. Do the research, visit the school (take a tour!), and really try to picture yourself there. It is after all, going to be your home for the next 4 years…
As busy as I am, as stressed as school can make me, I still am glad with the decision I made to come to this school almost three years ago. I jumped right into getting involved, meeting new people, living in the dorm, and planning events for Suffolk. So far, with my first Public Relations internship coming up, I feel Suffolk has prepared me for the real world with the real life experiences I have come in contact with every day, which I might not have been able to say if I were living in an enclosed college campus.
It is just about time for my tour and I promise the next blog will be a lot lighter, especially to get my mind off finals!

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