"I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me…"

7 Dec

In case you did not know, or have been living under a rock the past month, my title is from a Lady Gaga song. This weekend has made both my room mate and I obsessed with Lady Gaga. Between the songs “Paparazzi”, “Bad Romance”, and “Speechless” I think we have listened her over 300 times collectively this weekend. So excited to get her new CD, even if she is mildly insane.
Thursday I went out with my Wheelock friends (the ones I met in Australia) to the Fenway area. We had a girls night, hung out, and ate at this Mexican restaurant right behind the park. They are all graduating this year so they are all kind of freaking about that. So glad I’m, not there yet. Although just wait ’till next year…I am sure I will be freaking out too.
Friday night my sister and I took her room mate out for her birthday at Boston Beer Works. I can honestly say they have some of the best nachos and sweet potato fries I have ever had. Can’t wait to go back!
On Saturday a bunch of my friends and I went out to Faneuil Hall, which has tons of fun shops in the day, restaurants, and clubs at night. (It is also approximately 10 minutes from my front door) We went dancing at one of the clubs for the night. This is why I love Boston. Every weekend night there is something different to do. The city never gets old.
On Sunday I went to the movie theater right next to the Commons. I saw the movie “Brothers” which was one of the most intense movies I have ever seen. I am pretty sure everyone was crying by the end of the movie. It was a great movie, just really hard to sit through and stomach…
This morning I woke up and ran with my sister. It is so hard to believe it was really 65 degrees out 3 days ago. It is freezing today! She is also training for a marathon and it really helps to have a training buddy. We got up early this morning to run and it was the coldest weather I have ever run in! We needed lots of layers, which were peeled off throughout our run. We did just about 13-14 miles. That is a half marathon! Definitely more than I have ever run…by about 4 or 5 miles. It was much needed. I feel like I have been slacking on my runs recently, and I also took a couple days off. Time to get back into training mode… now if only my legs were not so sore 😦
Today my group presented our Advertising project. We had to create 2 different ads for the same project, geared towards 2 different target audiences. We made ads for the new Ipod shuffle, which talks to you and tells you what song you are currently listening to, who the artist is, and what playlist it is from, with just the push of a button. Our target audiences were runners and the “curious consumer” who often questions technology. We made 2 different commercials, and presented them with story boards, which are basically just screen shots of a commercial. Our professor seemed to really like our ideas, so I’ll get back to you when we get our grades back.
I am getting really pumped for this weekend. Thursday is winter ball, Friday is the undergrad staff dinner, Saturday night my room mate (and fellow ambassador Rachel) and I are having an ugly sweater party at our apartment, and Sunday Rach and I are going to see Rooney perform in Cambridge. So many plans!
On Monday I have my advertising final. I think its going to be tough. I’ll have to fit in studying for that something over this coming week/ weekend, especially with all of these plans…
I think I have basically covered this whole weekend. Until next week,


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