Spring Semester…

21 Jan

Spring semester. Back to school and admissions. I also have my internship to ad to my weekly schedule. So far my internship at Mom Central Consulting has been great. The company is a marketing consulting firm that helps brands better connect to Moms. They focus mainly on social media-facebook, twitter, and blogs to promote and market major brands. Mom Central works with some big name brands and companies and since it is a pretty small company, I get to actually do a lot of work for clients and see a lot of the behind the scenes stuff I might not normally get to do or see if I were interning at a big PR firm. I am glad to see that I do love what I am majoring in, especially since I know so many people that get an internship Junior year, only to realize that they hate their chosen fields.

I have been in Boston all over break and it has been pretty low-key. I worked full time at Mom Central, followed by 2-hour gym sessions every night. (Yes, believe it or not I AM still training for a marathon!!) I was home only for Christmas Eve and Christmas, but don’t feel too bad for me, I still found time to go out almost every weekend 🙂

It has been a year since I left for Australia. A few girls I know from Suffolk are now at the same campus I went to when abroad. I have to admit it is pretty hard looking at their pictures and reading their statuses about the beaches they are going to or the scuba diving trip they are planning… I can’t wait to save up enough money to go back there. Although, I have to admit I am glad I went when I did. I cannot imagine missing out on this internship by going this year. I really think sophomore year is the best time to study abroad. (Especially spring semester if you are going to Australia; it’s their summer) And I have pretty much nixed the Spain idea for the fall. While it is possible, it is probably not the best choice for me right now. Money/ time wise… I guess I didn’t really realize just how close I really am to the end! Not ready.

Anyways, back to the marathon stuff… I have been running or going to the gym pretty much every day since I first announced my big goal. The most mileage I have done so far is 17- which I got through with the help of my sister… and it took us 2 hours and 37 minutes. Not too bad, right? Ha. Only like 9.2 miles to go. My marathon is in Providence on May 2nd. I still have plenty of time to train. (Which is worse because right now I kind of want to get it over with.) Running in the winter with ice and snow is way harder than I could have imagined. And being cooped up in the gym to run on a treadmill for over an hour isn’t much better… but I am done venting-for now.

So school… I am taking 3 classes- because my internship is counting as 4 credits. The internship is sixteen hours a week and I have to keep a daily log of everything I am doing. I am also taking 2 night classes, Integrated Marketing Communications and Intercultural Communications, and one M/W class-,Communication Theory, which I have heard to be one of the toughest Comm. classes at Suffolk. So I guess we will see…
More to come!


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