Sometimes the snow isn’t SO bad…

16 Feb

I have not had class since last Tuesday night. Snow day :)…and today it is snowing- actually snowing, unlike last Wednesday where there was supposed to be a big snowstorm that never actually hit. So I went to work in admissions for a couple hours and went home. I went to RI for the weekend, and I have not been back there since Christmas, which is crazy to believe. I hung out with the family and saw a friend from high school. Sometimes it’s just great to get out of the city- away from all the hustle.
Wednesday night some of the girls traveled through the snow in what I hope will become a Wednesday night ritual. Just a girls night midweek on beacon hill…

Last Sunday my aunt, sister, mom, and I ran the 10k road race down near the Seaport District. It was 6 miles and very, very cold. I just wanted the race to be over, before it had even started. We waited so long in the cold, just to run. Maybe not worth it, but after it was all finished, I could say it was fun. It was my first road race and I ended up doing a 7:44 minute pace. I was feeling a little ill afterwords, though. I can’t wait for the Spring, where I wont have to force myself to put on 100 layers of clothing…
Here’s some pics from the race.
My sister, mom, and I at my apartment, prepping for the race
Right before the race.
After the race I took a few days off from running, I am really starting to feel sore. Luckily I have a couple months before the marathon, so I can take off some days if I need to. Yesterday my sister and I ,dreadfully, got through a 16 mile run. Good thing we fit it in yesterday, though because that snow is really coming down out there!
Now I don’t even want to walk to the bus stop to get back into the city from my internship… wondering if my night class tonight might be canceled?
Info sessions at admissions all this week! Make sure to sign up here, if you are interested!



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