Monday, Marketing, and Midterms…

22 Feb

Monday in admissions. Things are pretty busy here, especially after the craziness of information sessions all last week. Midterms are just around the corner, which is unbelievable. I have a midterm in my Comm. Theory class on Wednesday, and a midterm project for my Integrated Marketing Communication class, due on the 8th. For IMC we have to recreate the Quiznos brand campaign with a group of students. We have to create a new website, TV spot, Radio Spot, along with researching competitors’ campaigns.
I love and hate group projects. It is nice to get other views and have more ideas for projects, but you never get to work on something when you want to work on it, and everyone is always so busy. I also hate the idea of only having one grade for 5 people, because you know the work load is never distributed equally. Finding a common meeting time is so tough, especially now that most students are into their internships and other jobs. I do not like to be a procrastinator, but with group projects, I feel like I am always pulling things together at the last minute.

Anyways, enough complaining. It’s almost spring break! Not like I am doing anything exciting, but still, no class. And this weekend I am going to New Hampshire with my family to snowboard and just to hang out. It is also pretty nice out today, which I guess I should try to enjoy, since it is (supposedly) going to snow the rest of the week. ughhh I want it to be March 20th and Spring already! Also just found out that the marketing consulting company I intern with wants me to work full time over the summer, so that is one less thing to worry about!

That’s it for this week…


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