Spring? Is that you?

8 Mar

Only 8 weeks until the Marathon! With the weather getting warmer, the race is starting to come so fast. It is all getting very real for me. I feel like I still have so much more mileage to go! I have been following CoolRunning on Twitter, which is a great running and training site, and they have been offering some great tips for beginning marathon-ers, half- marathon-ers, and even those just getting into running.
My sister’s marathon in Virginia is in a week, and we have been training together. Since she is starting to taper, the next couple weeks of training for me are probably going to be tough, since I am on my own. I have definitely been slacking on the training lately, with the rainy cold weather, but hopefully with the weather warming up, I will find my motivation again. I have only been up to 18 miles once, so I need to get a couple more long runs in. Starting to get a little nervous/anxious!
In other news, I present my Quiznos midterm tonight in Integrated Marketing Communications. Tomorrow night I have a midterm in Intercultural Communications. I also need to start making surveys for my research for my Final paper in Comm. Theory. The semester is going so fast!
Just got an email about meeting with my adviser to register for classes for my senior year! I’m not ready!!!
One week until break. And for the first time since I can remember, I am taking the whole week off. No work, no internship. Just training and relaxing…
Can’t wait. Hopefully heading to NYC this weekend and getting in some snowboarding at Wachusett next week!

P.S. Saw Alice in Wonderland 3D this weekend. Kind of a disappointment. If your going to spend the money, shoot for the IMAX showing. It will make a difference. It was cool because it was in 3d, but the story was just “eh.” Johnny Depp did a great job being a total creeper, as usual, and Lena Gieseke, Tim Burton’s wife, was the other best part of the film.
On the other hand, and a completely different type of movie, Shutter Island was pretty great. Creepy and Insane, but I would recommend it if you like a good psych thriller!
Let me know your thoughts
Until later,


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