The month long countdown-

31 Mar

So many things are happening in just about a month…the end of school/ lots of work, my 21st (/Vegas trip?), my marathon… Classes are getting busier and more and more projects are getting assigned. Tours seem to be getting bigger, even with Showcases going on right now. It has been raining. A Lot. Supposedly this weekend is going to be gorgeous though, so lets hope that holds true. Apparently my hometown, Cranston (RI) Was basically under water yesterday. 100 people got evacuated…

On Thursday a bunch of us went back to Limelight, the Kareoke place, for my friends 21st birthday. I went to a new place for dinner on Friday, Sunset grille and Tap. I have been to another restaurant of the same owner, Sunset Cantina. I guess one has over 150 tequilas and the other has over 100 beers on tap or something crazy like that… but the food was amazing. We split this Mediterranean spinach and artichoke dip which was basically like nachos, but instead it had feta cheese, red peppers, pita chips… so good. I can’t wait to go back. Although I still love my Boston Beer Works nachos. Everyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with that place. My sister and I go at least every other week. (Hey, we are marathon training…so that’s how we justify it.)
And Sunday was Showcase. Luckily it did not rain, which I think is a first. I think it went really well. The next one is next weekend for accepted students.
As far as work and projects coming up, I have my final communication theory paper, which I am writing about Facebook, so I am in the process of doing research for that. I also have my Integrated Marketing Communications project, where my group has to launch a new Budweiser product for the summer and include all of our promotion and packaging plans to the class, and a project for Intercultural Communications, where my group has to introduce a new product to an Asian culture. We chose Japan, but we have to promote this new product to them based on their consumer trends, values, and beliefs, which will be a totally different approach than if we were just selling to the American consumer. I also just picked my classes for next semester. Senior year… I’ll get into that later on when I know for sure what I will be taking. Covering a tour today for Rach,
Catch ya laterrr,
P.S- Happy Easter/ Passover!


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