The 2 week meltdown…

14 Apr
Let me just throw this out there…in two weeks or less, I have my Communication theory paper and presentation, Intercultural communication paper, intercultural communication project, integrated marketing group project, Internship log/paper/portfolio, and my communication theory final -all due. And to top it all off, my marathon is May 2nd, at the end of that Hell week. How am I going to get through the next couple of weeks?! I guess I have to just take one thing at a time, but it is hard not to freak out when looking at it all at once. Right now I am stressing most about this Communication Theory paper- it is on Facebook and research I have done about friending and getting to know strangers by looking at pics, posting on walls, etc. This is also known as “Uncertainty Reduction Theory.” It is a very formal and structured paper and I have never written anything like it- based on my own research. I keep putting it off but I definitely need to get to it this weekend. I need to lock myself up in my apartment and or library and just get stuff done. Enough complaining.
My parents came in last week and we took a ride to Castle Island. We walked there for a while and then went back to Sunset Grill to eat those amazing nachos. That killed my “eating healthy before the race” strategy just a little bit.
Last week Rach and I went looking at new apartments with our other friend, Anna. We are now looking for a 3 bedroom in the north end. I am nervous we are never going to find anything for as good a deal as we have it now, but we are looking. Lets ad that to the stress list, too.
This saturday we are having a mini showcase– since the last two were so full and we had to start turning some people away from registering. I will be speaking and giving tours for accepted students. Click the link above if you did not get a chance to come to the other showcases!
Marathon Monday coming up next week! I’m excited- hoping it will get me super pumped for mine!
Time for a tour,

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