Papers, Providence, and a little bit of Pomegranate

26 Apr

My to do list is getting smaller. I can actually see the end. The Providence Marathon is on Sunday. Freaking out just a little bit, although watching the Boston Marathon and running some of it got pumped me up for my marathon. The expo at Hynes was really cool, too. Tons of free stuff, and great information for runners. I also met the editor of Runner’s world, Andy Dixon, among other runners who have won top marathons all around the country. I know I have done all the mileage and have trained for so long, but I am still afraid it was not good enough. I saw many people in the Boston marathon who hit a wall or got really bad leg cramps and just looked like they were in so much pain. I even saw a girl faint at mile 25. Seriously 25?! They took her away in an ambulance. She was so close. I would rather that have happened at mile 4. I cannot imagine not finishing after running 25 miles. Why am I doing this again?! Trying to think positively and just not think about the race until I am at the expo on Friday… All I have to do is get through this last week. 8 months of training. Where did it go?

My theory paper is due wed. Cannot wait to turn that in! Took me a verrry long time to get through it, but I did it. Feels great. My Integrated Marketing Communications project is due tonight- my group and I are going to have to pull it together at the last minute before class since we have only all met once. Hoping it all goes smoothly. We are presenting Bud Light Pomegranate to our class as a new summer beer- with all the promotions and advertising attached. This is a slide showing some of our packaging ideas- we used photoshop to create new logos designs.
The ambassador farewell dinner for our seniors is tonight- but unfortunately I have class and have to present so I will not get to go. It’s too bad too because I hear they are getting food from the North End (little Italy section of Boston). Sad I am missing out 😦
We also had our last themed party of the semester at our apartment on Saturday and as usual, all the ambassadors took a picture. It was Rubik’s cube themed and everyone was supposed to dress up in all the colors of the cube. Of course not everyone did, but it was fun to see those that did dress up!
Last night was my friend Kirsten’s 21st so her and her boyfriend cooked dinner and made dessert for all of us girls. This semester has been crazy-with a different 21st birthday to celebrate every week. Our weekends are definitely packed, that’s for sure. My birthday is coming up on May 8th- and I’m thinking a pub crawl through Boston to celebrate 🙂
We also planned a trip to Vegas after our last friend turns 21 in September. We are planning a trip for the long weekend in October. There seems to be some good deals for flights and hotel packages- so more to come on that next year!
This will probably be my last post as a Junior! I will try to blog a bit over the summer- although with my internship 45 hours a week I know I will be swamped with work. I am excited to have weekends to myself though for the first time since I can remember. The joys of a real job- and not a waitressing one. I signed up for a summer race series along the Charles river on the Esplanade of Boston (assuming I can run again after my marathon). They have one race a month for every month of summer- reggae, Mardi Gras, and blues themed…I am hoping it will keep me motivated to keep running!
Good luck to all of you making your final decisions on school!
Until next time,

Good luck to our seniors leaving us- 😦 Nicole, Beckee, and Kristin. It has been so amazing getting to know all of you over the past three years and I will miss you all so much! Come back to Boston if you can find the time- through teaching kids in Mississippi, going to a great law school, and working on your dream in Disney. I am so proud of all of you for getting to do exactly what you wanted for yourself after school. All of your hard work has paid off! You have all been great friends and co-workers and I hope you continue to keep in touch and keep me updated! We will miss you!!!


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  1. Kristin April 26, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    Ahhh stop! You're going to make me sad. 😦

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