The Beginning of the End.

20 Sep

Senior year?  Really? Hard to believe this is my last fall semester at Suffolk. Where has the time gone? After working this summer full time at my internship, I realize I am NOT ready to graduate. I don’t love the 9-5 thing.  It gets old reallllllll fast. The only upside of working full time is having nights and weekends all to myself. Yet, I am willing to give that up for chance to stay here for just a little longer. Maybe an extra year? I love that as routine as school becomes- the rigorous schedule, balancing the class schedule with working while fitting in gym time, it never gets boring. It is always changing. As soon as it becomes intolerable, there is a break, vacation, or the semester ends. With work, that’s all there is, Monday-Friday-8:30-5:30  Every. Single. Day. I just am not ready for the rest of my life to be one long monotonous routine. Maybe a little too depressing for a first post back from summer- I apologize. I did have a great summer working. I learned a lot. I was the executive assistant to the CEO of the consulting firm I interned at last semester. I learned all about different PR firms, campaigns, and tactics. I was in charge of all of the company’s social media and online product reviews. It feels weird coming back and taking classes about public relations, social media, and event planning, when I did it all for real all summer.

This summer consisted mostly of working, but I was able to get away a few times for some long weekends. I went to Chicago to visit my brother, whose band was playing right next to Wrigley Field. My cousin got married, so my whole family came to town for that. I went to Maine and Vermont with my friend Dayna (who I met while in Australia), and I got to go home to RI a bunch of times to go to the beach.

We are all getting back in the swing of things here at Suffolk, getting used to the new faces on campus and all the new ambassadors. I am still trying to get used to introducing myself as a senior before all of my tours. I am missing the old senior ambassadors who have moved on to other things. Luckily social media keeps us all connected and I am able to keep tabs on the incredible things they are all up to post college life.

My schedule, per usual, is pretty jam-packed. Mondays I get up at 5:45 to hit the gym (aiming for the Boston Marathon this year!) and get to admissions for 8:30. I have New Media New Markets from  1-2:15 and Public Relations II from 2:30-3:45. I have a quick break from 4-5:15 and then Bio from 5:30-8:10. Tuesdays, I am at my internship until 4 and then go to Bio Lab until 8. The same goes for Wed. and Thurs., but without the night classes. For the most part I have Fridays all to myself, which is another plus about still being in school. I am getting course credit for my internship, so I am technically enrolled in 5 coursed. This semester I will finish up the last of my core requirements. Next semester I am going to try to get another internship, to broaden my resume.
In one year I will be at a completely different place in my life. Scary. In just a few months I will begin to look for jobs. What happened to the senior in high school stressing out about which college to go to? Seriously feels like yesterday. 8 months until I am a college graduate. Let’s slow down. Please?

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