A Little Sore, But Ready for More

18 Oct

Yesterday was my half marathon in Newport, RI. It was the most beautiful course I have ever run, by far. It’s no wonder why it was voted 4th best marathon to run in the country!  It started at the beach and continued on through Ocean Drive, where all of the mansions are in Newport.  My sister and I placed 316 out of 2055 with a finishing time of 1:44. It was freezing in the morning of the race. We had to leave my house at 6:30am to get to the shuttle, only to wait in line outside to actually get on the bus to get to the race. By the time we got to the start of the race (post bag check and waiting in more lines for the bathroom) the gun had already gone off. We were anxious to get there on time at first, but then we remembered that our time would not actually start until we crossed the start line (there is a chip in the bib that actually keeps your time for you). I was dressed in shorts in a Tee, but by mile 4 I was starting to warm up. My sister and I decided to stay together for this race. Normally she takes off on me in the first couple miles, but since we have both never done a half marathon, we thought it would be fun to just run it together at a comfortable pace. I have to admit I am glad my first big race was the full marathon, last May- it made this race seem like a breeze (And I was so relieved that I was done at mile 13, and that I did not have another 13.1 to go!) I am SO ready for another half. Today, registration for the Boston Marathon opens… I so badly wish I had a number to officially run in Boston this year. But my sister qualified, so i will be running along side her come race day. The only real problem with not running in the race officially is that if I do run it in under 3:40 and potentially qualify for Boston next year, I won’t be able to register, since the time would not have counted. Looks like I will have to register and run in another marathon either before, or after Boston!

More Pics coming soon!

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