Only 2 weeks left!

29 Nov

Back from Thanksgiving break…and only 2 weeks remaining until finals. And then– it’s the end of the semester.
I have not had much time to myself, hence the lack of blogging- not to mention I have been working on a new site for class, The site is for my New Media New Markets class and it is a website designed to serve as a running resource for all runners. We could pick any topic we wanted and had to develop our site, design it, and get it up and running by the end of the semester. For PR II we have been working with a client (Boston Debate League) to come up with new volunteers for upcoming debates. This is proving to be more difficult then originally imagined.
I am so excited for next semester– I am taking Review Writing and Media Pop Culture. Hoping for an easy semester for once. I will be continuing an internship of some kind (whether it be staying at Mom Central where I work now or a different pr/marketing firm) I can’t believe real life is so close.
Panic mode will definitely be kicking in soon.
Winterball is coming up and then I’ll be heading to Vegas for new years! Can’t wait


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