A snowstorm a week…

1 Feb

seems pretty common recently. Lots of snow in Boston and night class canceled tonight. I am assuming that Boston will pretty much shut down tomorrow too, which is fineeee by me.

All this snow is making it hard for me to get in my runs throughout the week, though, and I am reallllly starting to get sick of the treadmill. It’s boring and 6 miles is about all I can take, tops. I have read some people mixing it up on the treadmill by throwing in some sprint work and interval training with inclines, but no matter what way you look at it, a treadmill is still a treadmill, and there is only so much I can think about when staring at the back of someone else’s head for an hour.  Not to mention that people have not yet seemed to give up on their New Year’s Resolutions, which is great and all for them, but I liked the gym much better when I had 5 TVs and a whole gym to myself.

How do I stay focused on training when going to the gym seems like such a chore, and running outside would be absolutely impossible?


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