Some motivation from NikeTown runclub

17 Feb

Since I was needing some extra motivation, and since I can not possibly run another mile on a treadmill, and since yesterday showed some of the first signs of Spring, I decided to join the Nike RunClub last night.

I got out of work at 5:30 and headed over to Niketown on Newbury street to check out the set-up. I found out about runclub through my friend and fellow ambassador Chris, who works at Nike.

I had some time to kill so I shopped around the store at all of the awesome Nike running gear I wish I could afford. I talked to the manager and slowly but surely a few other runners started to trickle in.

Now I have to disclose- that normally I am a solo work out person. I never believed that a successful work out can be done with a partner- I find it too distracting when I actually want to feel accomplished ( check out this interesting article about your work-out personality).

But I was needing a run and I was needing to be outside. Runclub was definitely the best fix to get out of my treadmill slump. A group of 4 of us ran a 5 mile loop around the Esplanade, and it was pretty quick (not exactly sure of the pace). I didn’t even notice I was running since I was talking to different people the whole time- getting to know them and about their interest in running, previous races, and future races they have planned.

After the race there were some free goodies: Luna Bars, Vita Coconut water, and some runclub decals. I chatted with some of the other runners for a bit and learned about some other runclubs in the area. Can’t wait to check em out! I 100% recommend tagging along with a runclub if you are needing a change of pace/scenery/ want to meet some new people.

And then this morning I got up to hit the gym with a friend and do some weight training stuff- maybe working out with other people does have its benefits! The workouts go by so much faster!


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