Another benefit of small classrooms- chocolate!

24 Feb

My review writing class for Suffolk meets Tuesday nights from 5:30 to 8:10. I took this class as an elective, since I had fulfilled all of my required classes for Suffolk, and I only had a remaining 11 credits to take. Each week in this class we do something different, which leads to writing a different type of review for the following class. We did a movie review of  the 1994 film “The Paper” one week, and this past Tuesday we were lucky enough to visit a chocolate cafe in South Boston.

Started by a Suffolk Alum,The Blue Tierra Cafe specializes in gorgeous hand crafted chocolates, most of which look too gorgeous to eat. I have never seen such beautiful pieces of chocolate that taste just as amazing as they look. Through our review writing class (and funded by Suffolk) we were each allotted $25 each to taste what ever we wanted, in addition the chocolates that were set up on trays for us before we arrived. Among my favorites were unique flavors like Caliente!, which is made with spicy cayenne pepper and dark chocolate- a combination that sounds strange but actually blends perfectly together (if you don’t mind a little bite in your chocolate), the pbj- which tasted oddly enough like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and the Lady Luck- dark chocolate raspberry ganache with a touch of champagne. Of course I also loved the peanut butter cup (I’m obsessed with peanut butter) and the dark chocolate covered oreos. I also have to admit that I ordered a huge delicious chocolate chip cookie. I wish I could say that that was all I tried, but I would be lying. I honestly don’t know how there are food critics and samplers that are not 400 pounds. I could not stop myself. Not the best day to skip a work-out, but the chocolate was definitely worth it!

Everything was delicious and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  My friend Geralyn took a couple pictures on her phone, but there are higher quality pictures of mostly everything I sampled on the Blue Tierra website.

The vibe of the shop is worldly and eclectic and the coolest thing about the shop is that most of the ingredients are natural, local, and organic. The dairy is from a farm in Milton and owner Jen Turner tries to keep her shop as environmentally friendly as possible. Blue Tierra can be found at 258 West Broadway in South Boston, MA 02127, between streets C and D.


One Response to “Another benefit of small classrooms- chocolate!”

  1. Lauren Slayton February 25, 2011 at 7:46 am #

    Love the spicy/sweet combination in chocolate there’s a store Kee’s in NYC that sounds similar. Love the idea of a chocolate-themed field trip. I would also love a writing class, fun.

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