How DO we find that “Me Time”

22 Mar

My weeks are seeming unbelievably busy right now.  This week will probably be the busiest, seeing as I am currently employed at Mom Central, Cone, Suffolk Admissions, and BzzAgent (Hurray new post-grad real-life job!) And let’s not forget about class and training for this little thing called the Boston Marathon. My days include leaving my house at around 7 or 8 and not stepping foot back into my apartment until about 8 at night. Talk about exhausted. But in the end, it will be all worth it. No I did not go on Spring Break like pretty much every other college student (especially the seniors), but I successfully landed myself a new job. And like my mom never fails to remind me, I WAS in Australia for four months during my Sophomore year , so I guess I had enough Spring break to last me the rest of college (rest of my life?!)

With that being said, and being as busy as I am, I am desperately trying to find some time to myself throughout my days. The only way I could do that is to cut back on the running and training. And to be honest, that probably won’t happen. There are only 27 days until Boston. With Spring here, I guess I was hoping training would start to become more enjoyable- but I am finding it very difficult right now to stay motivated to run when it is STILL snowing, especially the long ones. The aches and pains are starting and I am starting to wonder if less is may be more right now.

As I read other training blogs, I find myself discouraged as to how many miles I have been putting in a week, compared to them. I had a few long runs (long being only about 18) but I am wondering if I really should be doing more (like 24-26). Since once again I have to mention that I failed to obtain a number for the marathon, I guess my time really shouldn’t matter- I guess I should just run it to run it, but my mind needs something specific to work for. It’s like the same idea that if I am not training for a race or marathon, I have no motivation to run. And I am too afraid to stop running, too afraid to gain back the weight I have lost since I started running September of 2009. (Has it really been almost 2 years?!) Do I love running? No, absolutely not. I never look forward to going for a run. I just do it because I know I have to. I don’t love anything about it, except how it makes me feel after I am done.

Then there are the days when I come across some inspiration and motivation through other runners. Things like this, that I found at

“Training is doing your homework. It’s not exciting. More often than not it’s tedious. There is certainly no glory in it. But if you stick with it, over time, incrementally through no specific session, your body changes. Your mind becomes calloused to effort. You stop thinking of running as difficult or interesting or magical. It just becomes what you do. It becomes a habit.

Workouts too become like this. Intervals, tempos, strides, hills. You go to the track, to the bottom of a hill, and your body finds the effort. You do your homework. That’s training. Repetition–building deep habits, building a runner’s body and a runner’s mind. You do your homework, not obsessively, just regularly. Over time you grow to realize that the most important workout that you will do is the easy hour run. That’s the run that makes everything else possible. You live like a clock.

After weeks of this, you will have a month of it. After months of it, you will have a year of it.

Then, after you have done this for maybe three or four years, you will wake up one morning in a hotel room at about 4:30 am and do the things you have always done. You eat some instant oatmeal. Drink some Gatorade. Put on your shorts, socks, shoes, your watch. This time, though, instead of heading out alone for a solitary hour, you will head towards a big crowd of people. A few of them will be like you: they will have a lean, hungry look around their eyes, wooden legs. You will nod in their direction. Most of the rest will be distracted, talking among their friends, smiling like they are at the mall, unaware of the great and magical event that is about to take place.

You’ll find your way to a tiny little space of solitude and wait anxiously, feeling the tang of adrenaline in your legs. You’ll stand there and take a deep breath, like it’s your last. An anthem will play. A gun will sound.

Then you will run.”

And this is what it’s all about. This is why I run. Besides the fact, of course, that I love to eat.

So when searching for things to cut out of my day- to make more time for me… I guess I will just have to accept that running IS my “me time.”


2 Responses to “How DO we find that “Me Time””

  1. Ameena March 24, 2011 at 4:44 pm #

    I love reading other blogs but my problem is that I too compare myself to what someone else is or isn’t doing. Your runs sound perfect to me! Don’t over do it otherwise you’ll end up with bad knees like me!

  2. Jenny March 31, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

    I didn’t have an email address to reply to your comment the other day but yes, I registered for Boston but I’m not running. I ran in 2009 and was supposed to run last year but had to defer to this year due to injury. I was able to register earlier than everyone else b/c I had deferred and life has got in the way and I decided a few months ago I wasn’t going to have the time to commit to training for Boston. Good luck in Boston! By the way, 100 Mile Warrior runner, Chad, was my brother’s college roommate for 4 years at Notre Dame. He’s quite the inspiration and somehow manages to PR in every marathon he runs!

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