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12 Apr

I’m a little all over the place right now. Lots has been going on, per usual, and I have not really had a minute to post about it all.

On April 2nd  I went to Mount Snow in Vermont for the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge finals. A friend of mine’s dad works for Pepsi, so she goes every year. I was lucky enough to take part this year, so we stayed in the Grand Summit Hotel and spent the day on Saturday (after a long and snowy drive up on Friday) snowboarding/skiing and spent the night loungin’ in the hot tub. It was great to get away from the city for a little bit.

Courtney and I at the bottom of the Mountain

I started working part time at my new job at BzzAgent. I have spent the past two Fridays in the office, learning the ropes, and doing some work for them at home.

I finished up the last two Showcases at Suffolk for accepted students, and after this coming Saturday, I will be done with weekend tours at Suffolk for good. We had a large turnout with 1,500 attendees, and for once we also had gorgeous weather.

I am finding it difficult to go to my classes, which are electives, when the rest of my weeks are so busy. My mind is 80 percent involved in working and finishing up my internship at Cone, the PR agency, and maybe only 20 percent involved in my classes. I guess that is why they call it senioritis.

And last but not least… Exactly ONE WEEK until the Boston Marathon!!! Freaking out just a little bit. I went for my last “longer” run yesterday, but for some reason I was in so much pain. I have been debating switching to new sneaks for a while now, but now I am afraid it is too close to the marathon to switch. But, I decided I have no choice; my shins and the right arch of my foot decided to start hurting as soon as I started, and continued hurting right through mile 4. Only makes me frustrated and more nervous. I think I should take the rest of the week off running, but if I buy new sneakers, I’ll have to run in them a few times this week. I found a great article about the mistakes of tapering and injury treatment on Runners World last night when I was doing some research. It was also cool to look under the hashtag #BostonMarathon on Twitter, and see what other runners are thinking this week, right before the big race.

Anyways, the end is near, and I am super excited to run with 30,000 other runners next Monday on Patriot’s Day! On the bright side, this week equals tapering and carb loading- two of my favorite words. 🙂

I think for the next few weeks my mind will continue to be scatterbrained. Without all of the running and marathon training, I am not sure sure of what else to do with all my my time! Train for another perhaps?


We’re so close!

10 Feb

Bruins Vs. Stars

9 Feb

Matt's Birthday

Matt’s birthday

New Year’s in Vegas

27 Jan

This year for New Years,  my sister, brother, and I went to Vegas to bring in 2011 with our boyfriends/ girlfriend. It was one of the best New Years I have ever had (even though it was snowing and colder in Vegas than it was in Boston). We took a limo to the strip and watched the fireworks with thousands of other people. We also went hiking at Red Rock Canyon, and made a pit stop at Hash House a Go Go, one of the places Adam from the show Man Vs. Food went to. The place did not disappoint- as a group we consumed enough food to last us a week or two- all in one meal. Here are some trip highlights.

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